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Now imagine that an excessive amount of gabapentin is added to the above substances. And all of them together, inevitably, begin to be deposited in hepatocytes and significantly slow down the work of the liver. If timely treatment is not started, the liver can completely cease to perform its functions and this will lead to serious complications and concomitant diseases of the organs of the entire digestive system. What are the degrees of liver damage with hepatosis?

This disease can be observed for many years in the body, but essentially does not show bright symptoms, and in the meantime, the stage of fatty hepatosis may already be at the stage when the growth of destructive connective tissue begins, with parallel replacement for fatty formations and the hepatocytes themselves.

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Hepatosis is divided into degrees according to the stages of accumulation of fats and signs of manifestation, namely.

The degree of fatty hepatosis when the first foci of Neurontin of fat cells with a high concentration of simple fats appear. There can be many foci, at different distances from each other on the organ, in which case diffuse fatty hepatosis begins. With the second degree of fatty hepatosis, the area of ​​damage of concentrated accumulation of fatty hepatocytes significantly increases, the process of growth of destructive, connective tissue begins, which connects the cells to each other. The third degree, the degree at which the signs of the presence of the disease are pronounced, the connective tissue of hepatocytes has characteristic stripes of adipose tissue. The last degree of hepatosis of the liver leads to a strand of fibroblasts, as a result of which tissue fibrosis develops.

Causes affecting the occurrence of Neurontin degeneration of the liver.

One of the main causes of fatty hepatosis lies in the very name of the disease - fatty liver and other organs. But fat is not all the reasons that affect the occurrence of fatty liver. Having determined the true cause, an effective treatment is prescribed for one or another type of occurrence of the disease. The reasons for which the diagnosis of hepatosis of the liver can be confirmed.

Lipid metabolism diseases - type 2 diabetes mellitus that does not have sugar and insulin dependence.

Abnormal increase in lipid concentration in the blood - hypertriglyceridemia. Obesity 3-4 degrees. The toxic cause of the disease is the effect on the liver of toxic, foreign substances during long-term treatment with drugs of the toxic group, possible work related to the biochemical industry, poisons, chemistry. Radiation - radiation exposure in places of residence, work, where the background of radiometric indicators is significantly overestimated, the risk of Neurontin fatty liver hepatosis is very high.

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Permanent violations of nutritional norms - lipid concentration with malnutrition with lipid disorders, very often becomes the cause of hepatosis of the liver. Improper nutrition is irregular meals, lack of vitamins, proteins, various diets for weight loss. In pursuit of anarexic figures, some girls doom themselves to exhaustion of the body in a short time, great weight loss and destruction of the liver and other organs of the digestive system.

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Taking gabapentin - this is the cause of hepatosis of the liver, is relevant if dietary nutrition is not observed, bifidobacteria, yogurts are not taken, thereby significantly weakening the immune functions of the body, which are reflected in the inability to function normally and perform their work to the liver and other organs.